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The project

AQUABIOPRO-FIT is an EU-funded project that will develop high-quality proteins and bioactives from European aquaculture, fisheries and agriculture by-products for applications in fitness, health and animal feed.

The four-year project aims to promote the efficient utilisation of these biomass by-products through the up-concentration of nutrients and functional compounds while, at the same time reducing, waste. Through lab and clinical testing, the ingredients will be assessed for applications in sports nutrition, mental health and physical well-being. AQUABIOPRO-FIT will address the challenges associated with taste, bioactivity, safety and consumer acceptance, to ensure that the products are of high quality and can be effectively brought to the market.


The Challenge is to promote efficient utilisation of European aquaculture, fisheries and agriculture by-products in animal feed and nutritional supplement products promoting fitness and health.

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The Concept is to utilize the aquaculture and fisheries, by-products, test different processes for the production of marine ingredients naturally rich in proteins and bioactive compounds, and create nutritional 'elixirs'.

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Innovation Set the basis for further development of new optimised value chains based on by-products from food or feed industry, agricultural activities or biorefineries.

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• Creation of new cross-sector partnerships in bio-based economy cluster.
• Development of a new bio-based value chain grounded in aquaculture by products.
• Strengthen Competitiveness & New Market Opportunities.
• Job Creation and increase of European exports.

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