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The impact
Creation of new cross-sector partnerships in bio-based economy cluster
The AQUABIOPRO-FIT project creates cross-sector cooperation between the biomass suppliers, biomass processing and product marketing companies, together with technology providers and the public end users, allowing for maximal impact of the created knowledge in the market. The range of processing techniques that are available within the consortium offers a unique opportunity to combine processing methods, to allow for the recovery of more than one ingredient from the same feedstock.
Development of a new bio-based value chain grounded in aquaculture side streams
One of the strengths of the AQUABIOPRO-FIT consortium is that it covers the entire supply chain, including leading national and international organisations in biomass supply, processing technologies, application testing and finished product manufacturing. Involving such partners in the consortium is critical for identifying the most valuable products that can be obtained from the bio-based value chain.
Reduced environmental impact through more efficient utilisation of biomass side streams
The AQUABIOPRO-FIT project has the intention to recover 50-100% of the wasted fisheries resources through the development of valuable products, bring the industry closer to the ultimate goal of eliminating fish discards. Moreover, the cultivation and harvesting of tunicates is expected to increase effluent nutrient recovery by at least 100%. Overall, these activities are expected to reduce the carbon footprint by at least 10% compared to the current state of play.
Strengthen Competitiveness & New Market Opportunities
Through the development and testing of high value products, AQUABIOPRO-FIT is expected to promote new opportunities within a circular European economy, as the project outcomes will directly strengthen the competitiveness of the participant enterprises.
Job Creation and increase of European exports
AQUABIOPRO-FIT project will result in new processing methods and new market products backed by clinical testing and training courses, which will increase the success of their industrial implementation and acceptance by consumers. The knowledge that will be created through the project will also support the development of new businesses. As the volumes of fisheries and aquaculture side stream materials are in the magnitude of millions of tons, the expected long-term impact of the project is not only to create knowledge-based industries and products for the European markets but also to increase the exports.