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The innovation

The innovation potential of AQUABIOPRO-FIT is primarily due to the inherent versatility, size and sustainability of biomass by-products originating from fisheries and aquaculture, the ability access to the agriculture effluents in the Baltic Sea to cultivate tunicates, and the novel concepts and methods to be applied. AQUABIOPRO-FIT will use state-of-the-art processing methods to produce innovative, high-quality final ingredients and products that are not yet on the market.

The innovation potential of AQUABIOPRO-FIT includes:

Innovation management is a critical process that allows organisations to become more innovative and achieve success with their product, service, process or business model. In the AQUABIOPRO-FIT project, the implementation of an Innovation Management System (IMS) will provide a framework for maximising the value of the Results, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the technology in the market.