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The innovation
The innovation potential of AQUABIOPRO-FIT is primarily due to the inherent versatility, size and sustainability of biomass side streams originating from fisheries and aquaculture, the ability access to the agriculture effluents in the Baltic Sea to cultivate tunicates, and the novel concepts and methods to be applied. AQUABIOPRO-FIT will use state-of-the-art processing methods to produce innovative, high-quality final ingredients and products that are not yet on the market.
The innovation potential of AQUABIOPRO-FIT includes:
  • New approaches to producing high value products from processing biomass side streams of whitefish, pelagic fish, and farmed salmon, trout, sea bass and sea bream
  • Utilisation of tunicate biomass, meals and fractionation ingredients as a novel source of ingredients for feed applications
  • Implementation of non-conventional methods for sanitation, extraction, transformation and up-concentration of nutrients and bioactives.
  • Novel tailored nutritional supplements for applications in sports nutrition, health and well-being
Innovation management is a critical process that allows organisations to become more innovative and achieve success with their product, service, process or business model. In the AQUABIOPRO-FIT project, the implementation of an Innovation Management System (IMS) will provide a framework for maximising the value of the Results, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the technology in the market.