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"Gain new knowledge in online/offline settings
and apply the acquired information in your own ways and situations !"

The e-learning opportunities offered by the AQUABIOPRO-FIT project will enable you both to follow protocols for specific issues and overcome non-specific situations that suddenly arise. AQUABIOPRO-FIT partners consider e-learning a valuable approach to create an inspiring environment leading to personal success and corporative returns.

Training Toolkit

This Training Toolkit represents a set of training resources for direct project targets and other interested stakeholders. The training resources are organized as a blended type of e-learning (on-line and off-line accessible training materials) that cover four thematic topics:

  • Downstream processing methods of aquaculture and fisheries side stream biomasses for the production of targeted nutritional supplements;
  • Nutritional supplements bioactivity, functional properties and safety: in vitro & in vivo studies;
  • Scale up processing and novel product development;
  • Feasibility studies: technical, economic, environmental, social and legal aspects of using biomass side streams as feedstock for food ingredients and novel foods.

The training toolkit serves as a key tool for knowledge and technology transfer within AQUABIOPRO-FIT subject area.

Since intangible investments like training and R&D are considered as key inputs driving innovation, the motivation force of the Training toolkit design and implementation is the real needs to deliver an effective and efficient instrument for knowledge adoption/upgrading.

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This is AQUABIOPRO-FIT Repository - a storage location of the project from which information and documents organized within three main categories can be accessed, retrieved and downloaded. The data hosted by this virtual hub can support your interest and knowledge needs in the area of:

  • Patenting in Biotechnology: biotechnology and Intellectual property - useful information on how to patent in biotechnology area; kinds of patent that can be obtained for inventions arising from research in this area, equipped with relevant examples; general questions investigated by the international official bodies, especially those relevant to the patenting of inventions in project area. (more)
  • Innovation research in education: data about the innovative features of the technologies created by AQUABIOPRO-FIT, that support the development, production and commercialization of new products and processes. (more)
  • Legislation / Ethics: Legal documents repository that stores and communicates important information about legal aspects of project experimental trials, with emphasis on ethical issues and societal awareness (more)

AQUABIOPRO-FIT webinar is a virtual instrument designed to showcase project advancement and drive dialogue between Academia & Industry. It encompasses slideshow(s) of presentations prepared by project partners in line with project progress and objectives realization and designed to promote technology transfer and innovation through collaboration between Universities, R&D institutes, and the private sector settings within project subject area.

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