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Cell culture based models for testing potential biological activity of nutritional supplements are well understood, relatively easy to perform and can be scaled to high throughput level. Several assays can be performed in vitro to test for anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer or cytostatic properties and apoptotic cell death. Depending on experimental scale and supplement properties Greiss reaction, Elisa and real time PCR can be used to test for anti-inflammatory properties of compounds. Whereas, several tests including comet assay, MTT and annexin-V or measurement of the expression levels of pro- and anti- apoptotic proteins are used to determine anti-cancer properties of nutritional supplements in cell culture models. Depending on the physicochemical properties of supplements the appropriate cell line, compound solvents and type of assay are chosen.


Christina Efraimoglou, Christos Tsatsanis (University of Crete)

Basic training