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Karmsund Fiskerihavn
Husøyvegen 278
4262  Avaldsnes
Seagarden is a privately owned Norwegian company with its head office at Karmøy, Norway. The Company is a specialised Marine Ingredients Company with a production unit at Karmøy. Seagarden is a leading supplier of high quality marine ingredients to customers worldwide produced according to FSSC 22000 quality standards, with a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) approval delivering products based on sustainable fishery. The company has established sales to small, mid-size and large customers worldwide and has strong competence in introducing new ingredients to such customers.
Seagarden's products include marine collagen, extracts (water soluble peptides, nucleotides and pure amino acids) and powders (from fish products), cod protein, chitosan and fish complex, a nutritious blend of marine ingredients. While their products have been shown to improve overall health and wellbeing, several clinical studies have demonstrated that there are specific health benefits to taking their products: Nutricoll Marine Collagen Peptide powder has shown positive effects on skin moisture, while a low dietary intake of Cod Protein is beneficial on metabolism. More details can be found at