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Bradbenken 1
5003  Bergen
Pelagia AS is the leading producer of pelagic fish products for human consumption, and a frontline supplier of essential ingredients in fish- and animal nutrition.
The company has two divisions:
  • Pelagia Food, engaged in landing, refining, filleting and sale of pelagic fish for human consumption and
  • Pelagia Feed, involved in production of feed ingredients (meal, FPC, oil) from rest raw materials and whole fish.
With 26 factories in operating in Norway, United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark, Pelagia is committed to utilize 100% of the fish resources and aims for novel solutions to create new innovative products in the market.
Besides operations within pelagic fishes, Pelagia also deals with handling of side stream raw materials from aquaculture mostly salmon and trout. The innovation team of Pelagia have broad expertise within industrial production of fish proteins, testing and commercialization of the products for animal and human consumption.