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1 Aboba str.
1606  Sofia
(+359) 894.390.331
Research and Development Center Biointech (R&D Biointech Ltd.) is founded in accordance with European strategic goal to increase the role of R&D in introducing new knowledge into education and technological innovations. It comprises two departments dealing with:
  • research and development in the area of consumer and environmental friendly technologies, information and communication technologies;
  • education and training using digital technology to realize programmes for governmental and private companies in the areas of workforce development, business start-up and management, marketing, grantwriting, commercial and residential development.
The Center is realizing its mission by bringing together experts in that field from Bulgarian and European Universities, research organizations, industry and decision policy making institutions. Biointech Ltd. possesses scientific and research expertise in production, application and economic planning in the field of green biotechnology and especially green agriculture, food processing and bio-economics. The team of Biointech Ltd. is working in the field of production of biologically active compounds and investigation of their (geno)toxic effect on eukaryotic microorganisms as well as in creating in silico models of cellular metabolic networks. The company team is deeply committed in undertaking research that asks big questions about what kind of teaching, learning and leadership promotes opportunity, achievement and social justice in the 21st century. By actively and creatively building the intellectual and practical capacities of policy makers, practitioners, students and the wider research community, Biointech Ltd aims to create educational environments that enable future generations to thrive in a time of rapid local and global change. The experienced educators and trainers of Bïointech Ltd., are members from all levels of education. They are able to provide an array of educational services including scientific lectures, e-Books, development of marketing materials, quality assurance issues, STEM services, vocational education, curriculum development, web development and new training techniques application as well as provision of VET with adults and youth.
Biointech Ltd. provides clients a support structure for research projects at educational institutions and national laboratories in the areas of research project development, technical advice, grant-writing, international scientific and engineering support, professional staff searches and conference planning.
It also can offer to the project partnership own staff expertise and competence in governing as contractor / coordinator / expert of multinational projects under different EU initiatives – TEMPUS, INCO-Copernicus, 5FP, NATO, Socrates/Erasmus, LdV I and LdV II programmes, LLP, ERASMUS+.