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Ag. Dimitriou 35
38222  Volos
(+30) 69.45.880.507
Launched in 2009 by a small team of people with loads of ideas and eager to volunteer, Biognosis is a not for profit organization whose main task is to contribute by any legal means to the protection of public health, natural resources and the environment, as well as to provide and support the expansion of any knowledge related to its tasks. Biognosis members are most of them distinguished personalities well known for their social contribution, as well as excellent scientists from relevant to its tasks and scientific fields of interest, many of them teaching in universities. As a result, Biognosis is active in the fields of education and VET training in collaboration with scientific teams of experts in order to provide specialized training. For the purpose Biognosis is participating in national and international programs, and is capable of providing integrated solutions to an increasingly demanding environment.
Therefore, Biognosis belongs to the leading providers of consulting and project design services in Thessaly Greece. In a combination of the wide range of disciplines, knowledge & experiences, of its professionals Biognosis provide a comprehensive service that is consistent, unique and high quality. As a result, Biognosis gained the capacity to provide innovative solutions in both large and small scales projects in collaboration with international partners, assisting them and helping them to achieve competitive advantage through improved performance of their activities. Biognosis has successfully participated and coordinated Care Waste Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project 2011-GR1-LEO05-06797 Competence based e-learning in general & health care waste management for new skills development 2011-2013, which is valued as a Best Practice Project by the Greek National Agency. Also is participating in 2 more Erasmus+ Strategic partnerships in VET projects: 2016-1-EL01-KA202-023491 (Innovative Integrated Training in Healing Plants) and 2016-1-BG01-KA202-023686 (Blended learning in Bioinformatics - The SMEs Instrument for Biotech Innovations - BIOTECH-GO).