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Laboratory of Evaluation of Human Biological Performance
School of Physical Education and Sport Science
54124  Thessaloniki
(+30) 2310.992.238
The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the largest university in Greece. It comprises 11 faculties, which consist of 41 schools. About 74,000 students study at the University (65,000 in undergraduate programmes and 9,000 in postgraduate programs, of which 4,000 at doctoral level). There are about 2,000 faculty members and 550 staff that support teaching and research. In addition, there are over 9000 administrative staff.
The University maintains a broad network of international research and educational partnerships with European, American, Asian and Australian institutions. It participates actively in all EU student and staff exchange programs and is a member of the International Association of Universities, the European University Association, the Coimbra Group, the Community of European Universities, the AIMOS Network and the Confederation of EU Rectors' Conferences.
Finally, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has broad experience in handling research and educational EU projects, with an annual turnover of about 50 million euros.