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Presenting AQUABIOPRO-FIT at BBI JU Stakeholder Forum 2019
Presenting AQUABIOPRO-FIT at BBI JU Stakeholder Forum 2019
The AQUABIOPRO-FIT project was present during the BBI JU Stakeholders forum 2019 in Brussels on 4th of December. The first day of the event was dedicated to a project exhibition where 100 granted projects were presented and shared their results. This event offered the opportunity for different stakeholders to learn more about the granted projects and exchange ideas on the advancement of the EU bio-based industries sector. Many stakeholders showed great interest on the project’s aim and had many questions related to the utilization of fish biomass side-streams. The project’s coordinator, Katerina Kousoulaki from Nofima, presented recent research results and she participated in a very productive panel discussion about aquatic biomass along with other projects.
The BBI JU Stakeholder forum 2019 aimed to bring together in one place different stakeholders from the bio-based industries community and promote the communication and exchange of ideas in common ground. Stakeholders such as industries, SMEs, academia, research organizations and policymakers, opinion leaders, EU community, BBI JU projects’ participants and bio-based industries communities, participated and shared the latest developments. During the forum, there was a project exhibition where 100 granted projects presented their work. This was a great opportunity for the stakeholder community to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, ideas and best practices related to bio-based sector.
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Clinical tests , Communication , Fish side stream bioactives , Marine nutritional supplement development , Model studies - documentation , Training , Tunicates
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