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Module:  3.
Novel bioproducts development and validation in an operational environment

Novel bioproduct development and validation is a time consuming and costly process. In this context, it is important that learners develop the ability to reflect on the significance and inter-relationship of producers’, consumers’, and markets’ needs when design and develop bioproducts from aquaculture and fisheries side-streams biomass. The aim of this module is to present knowledge about:

• Main characteristics of bioproducts and their interrelations with sustainable economy

• Spectrum of bioproducts production processes and the use of bio-based sidestreams derived from marine industry to develop and validate bioproducts

• Main approaches for development of novel bioproducts – scientific, technological, economic and social aspects

• Basic principles of bioproducts validation

• Main standards and analytical procedures for control of the operational process

• Methodologies for environmental impact evaluation of bioproducts

• Biological and chemical hazards imposed by biomass sidestreams within safety and regulatory context

• Basic steps in assessment and validation of biomass sidestreams along the production process

• Environmentally sound development of bioproducts to fit EU demands for of the bioeconomy

• Advantages of biomass sidestreams processing vs. its dumping


On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

1. Explain the basic features of the main groups of bioproducts

2. Interrelate bipprducts categories with sustainable economy

3. Present the approaches for development and validation of bio-based products of marine industry origin from technological, economic and social point of view

4. Know the principles of bio-products validation and apply standards and analytical procedures for monitoring and control of production processes

5. Assess the environmental impact of biproducts

6. Reflect on the interactions of ingredients and processes used in the development of these products with potential hazards that could compromise safety or quality attributes

7. To know the validation procedure of biomass side-streams along the production process

8. Demonstrate how safety and quality are applied and manage their application in the environmentally sound development of bioproducts to fit EU demands for of the bioeconomy.

Unit 3.1. Bioproducts overview
3.1.1. Bioproducts Innovations & Bioeconomy
3.1.2. Different Types of Bioproducts
3.1.3. Bio-based products production processes
3.1.4. Biowaste Valorisation
Unit 3.2. Novel bioproducts development – strategies
3.2.1. Introduction
3.2.2. Sustainable production of biomass
3.2.3. Thermochemical processing of biomass
3.2.4. Sustainability/Techno-economic analysis/Public acceptance
Unit 3.3. Bioproducts (incl. fisheries and aquacultures) validation in an operational environment
3.3.1. Extensive bioproduct characterization at development and processing stages
3.3.2. Reference standards and validation of analytical procedures
3.3.3. Process control: from early development through commercial scale production
3.3.4. Quality characteristics – reasoning of the specification
Unit 3.4. Environmental assessment of biproducts: towards sustainable production process
3.4.1. Environmental assessment studies on biobased products: methodologies for impact evaluation
3.4.2. Regulatory aspects of environmental assessment – biological and chemical hazards

bio-based side-streams


bioproducts development strategies

bioproducts validation

environmental assessment of bioproducts