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Module:  1.
Downstream processing methods of aquaculture and fisheries side stream biomass to produce targeted nutritional supplements

The aim of this module is to inform the course participant on the current status quo around the production volumes, the qualities, the fate and opportunities and barriers for more responsible and sustainable exploitation of side stream biomasses from European fisheries and aquaculture industries.


On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

1. Understand the production volumes, chemical characteristics, and sensory properties of marine side stream biomasses in Europe

2. Understand the opportunities and barriers in exploiting marine side stream ingredients in novel products for the human food markets with special focus on marine-based nutritional supplements

3. Understand the principles of downstream processing of marine biomasses to produce oil and protein-based food ingredients and products

4. Learn methods to be able to determine the quality of the finish products, using chemical, biological and sensorial test studies and also how to improve their quality.

5. Understand the different methods available for processing and valorisation od fish side streams

6. Learn about downstream processing

7. Learn about product opportunities developed from processed fish side stream raw materials

Unit 1.1. Volumes and qualities of fish side stream biomasses in Europe
1.1.1. Norwegian aquaculture and fisheries
1.1.2. World-wide and EU fisheries side stream biomasses
1.1.3. Chemical analysis and characteristics of fish side stream raw materials and products Atlantic salmon, Herring, Blue whiting, and Mackerel Sea bass and Sea bream
1.1.4. Utilization of side stream raw materials and products
1.1.5. Nutritional supplements – sensory properties Sensory properties of marine nutritional supplements Sensory analysis
Unit 1.2. Fish proteins and protein hydrolysates - products and applications
1.2.1. Fish protein products
1.2.2. Fresh fish side stream products and applications
Unit 1.3. Fish collagen and marine oil-based supplements - products and applications
1.3.1. Fish collagen
1.3.2. Marine oil-based supplements - products and applications
1.3.3. Ciona intestinalis - products and applications
Unit 1.4. Production technologies for fish protein-based products
1.4.1 Thermal processing
1.4.2 Protein hydrolysis
1.4.3 Silage process
1.4.4 Downstream processing

Blue whiting

Downstream processing

Fish collagen

Fish hydrolysate

Fish protein concentrate

Fisheries and aquaculture side stream biomasses




Marine ingredient chemical properties

Oil stability and oxidation

Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids



Restructure fisheries products


Sea bass

Sea bream

Sensory properties


White fish