In this edition of the AQUABIOPRO-FIT newsletter, we would like to share our latest project activities and research findings with you. Three scientific publications have been published on the nutritional properties of fish side streams and novel processing methods. A full overview of the project’s research findings, thus far, was presented by NOFIMA in a session dedicated to valorisation of side streams at EFFoST2020. In an interview, our partner Dr Francisco J. Barba from the University of Valencia talks about his passion for innovative processing technologies and their application on side stream valorisation. He has published prolifically on this topic for which he was recognised as Highly Cited Researcher 2019.

AQUABIORO-FIT is an EU-funded project that focuses on creating nutritional value from fishery side streams, as well as developing feed from tunicates. For a quick overview of all aspects of the AQUABIOPRO-FIT project, make sure to watch our recently released video here.

Scientific journal articles
The potential use of Gilthead Sea Bream by-products in the food industry
Aquaculture is one of the fastest-growing sectors in food production. Due to the large volume of fish production, there is also a substantial generation of by-products that are not used for consumer products. These...
The potential of sea bass by-products to improve human health
The consumption of healthier and functional foods and nutraceuticals is gaining more importance in modern society. Especially by consumers aware of the ability of food composition to reduce the risk associated with...
Can Pulsed Electric Field applications valorize fish side-streams?
The increased volume of processed fish has serious economic and environmental costs in the food supply chain. Due to the demand for ready-to-use meals and products from fish, the fish industry is generating large...
Partner interviews
Interview - Dr Francisco J. Barba from the University of Valencia
In the AQUABIOPRO-FIT project, the University of Valencia will focus on extracting high-value nutritional compounds from marine side streams. We caught up with Dr Francisco J. Barba to learn more about which types of...
AQUABIOPRO-FIT at the EFFOST2020 Online conference
AQUABIOPRO-FIT participated in the 34th EFFoST Online conference by taking part in the Special session dedicated to valorisation of side streams. Dr Tone Aspevik (Nofima, Norway), discussed ‘Valorisation of side...
Other news
Watch the new AQUABIOPRO-FIT project video
The AQUABIOPRO-FIT project aims to create natural marine-biobased products with high nutritional value from side streams. Approximately 50% of the fish biomass caught or farmed are labelled non-edible side streams...
Dr. Francisco J. Barba is named Highly Cited Researcher 2019
AQUABIOPRO-FIT would like to congratulate Francisco J. Barba from University of Valencia for his recent achievement as one of the Highly Cited Researchers of 2019 in the field of agricultural sciences. Highly...
Women in Science
The 6th International Day of Women and Girls in Science will be held on 11 February 2021. The UN General Assembly established the...