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Interview on TV about AQUABIOPROFIT project
Interview on TV about AQUABIOPROFIT project
In 8-11 November 2018 AQUABIOPROFIT project coordinator, Dr. Katerina Kousoulaki participated at the 3rd International Congress “HydroMediT 2018”, organized in Volos by the Department of Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment of University of Thessaly.
Biognosis the project’s partner from Volos took advantage from the presence of Dr. Kousoulaki in Greece to organize an interview about the AQUABIOPROFIT project, presented on TRT the largest regional TV channel in Greece.
At the interview Biognosis president Dr. Zoi Georgiou together with Dr. Kousoulaki presented the main innovations of the AQUABIOPROFIT project as well as the novel character of its expected results and products.
The interview lasted more than 30 minutes, and it was broadcasted on high viewing time zone Saturday 24, Nov 2018, 19:00.
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Clinical tests , Communication , Fish by-product bioactives , Marine elixir development
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