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Gold medal in Innovative products at the Swedish championship of food crafts
Gold medal in Innovative products at the Swedish championship of food crafts
Congratulations to Fredrik Norén from Marine Feed, our project partner, for winning the gold medal in the category of Innovative products in the Swedish championship of Food Crafts 2021! The Umami fond, a unique flavour enhancer, which is made from tunicates won the 1st prize in fierce competition against other novel products.
The AQUABIOPRO-FIT partner Marine Feed, is cultivating these sea quirts also known as tunicates (Ciona intestinalis) for their protein and cellulose compounds. In this EU-funded project, we are developing the protein fraction of tunicates to be used as a sustainable feed ingredient. On the other hand, the cellulose fraction may be used in several cellulose applications such as microcrystalline cellulose as additive in food and cosmetics, textile fibers, cellulose derivatives etc.
It is very exciting that food products made from tunicates are also being acknowledged for their premium quality with this award. Food prepared at home as well as in restaurants are being improved with this unique Umami flavour fond.
This new eco-friendly substrate from tunicates has large-scale potential with an exceptional positive environmental profile. The three main benefits of this product are among others reduced eutrophication in the sea, renewable energy production and eco-fertiliser production.
Learn more about the application of tunicates in food products here.
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