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Consortium partners take action against COVID-19
Consortium partners take action against COVID-19
In the past months, we have dealt with an unimaginable situation, with the Covid-19 pandemic crisis and the resulting lockdown affecting every part of society. Fortunately, with fewer COVID-19 infections and more people recovering from the virus, many countries are taking careful steps to lift restrictions. However, it is expected that business-as-usual will still be significantly disrupted for the foreseeable future, with laboratories remaining closed and most people encouraged to continue working from home.
On a more positive note, during this pandemic a number of project partners were quick to take action finding practical and inventive ways to support their local healthcare facilities, for example by providing protective materials, laboratory testing equipment and skilled employees.
Project coordinator, NOFIMA, donated their supply of protective equipment to the Norwegian Health Services, to ensure that health care workers could protect themselves in the fight against COVID-19. NOFIMA employees with a healthcare background or the ability to do laboratory analyses have also been made available.
Likewise, the Meat Technology Center (CTC) also provided equipment to support health care services in Spain. CTC transferred a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) equipment with a real-time system from its molecular biology laboratory to the University Hospital Complex of Ourense (CHUO). This will support the hospital’s efforts to process the detection tests for the COVID-19 virus. Read more here.
The University of Crete has taken on a very important role of being in charge of the clinical chemistry diagnostics of the University Hospital that is the COVID referral center in Crete. To this end they have included additional diagnostic tests on inflammatory factors (IL-6 and PCT) in the routine analysis of COVID patients to support patient management. In addition, they provided equipment to the virology lab that runs the molecular diagnostics for COVID to support the increased load of samples.
And lastly, the Vertech Group has taken a more grassroots and creative approach by supporting a local seamstress who creates hand-made cotton masks for local nurses working in the French Riviera hospitals. Now that France is preparing for an exit out of lock-down, this seamstress will focus on creating tailor-made masks for children and families returning to public life.
The AQUABIOPRO-FIT consortium is very grateful for the dedication and perseverance of all healthcare professionals and essential service providers in this difficult time. We are also very inspired by our project partners who have found various ways, big and small, to support the efforts to contain the spread of the virus and care for those who have fallen ill. Together, as a community, we can all contribute to positive change.
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