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AQUABIOPRO-FIT – First newsletter
AQUABIOPRO-FIT – First newsletter
AQUABIOPRO-FIT, an EU funded project, is focused on creating nutritional value from fishery by-products, as well as developing feed from tunicates and creating educational material to encourage the use of circular economy biomasses. In our first AQUABIOPRO-FIT newsletter, we introduce a number of project partners who are working on various aspects of the project, such as life cycle assessment, lab testing of extracts, development of ingredients from by-products and clinical trials. Read the full newsletter here.
As the project progresses, we look forward to sharing more news on project developments and our research findings. Make sure you don’t miss any updates by signing up for the AQUABIOPRO-FIT newsletter here.
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Clinical tests , Communication , Fish by-product bioactives , Marine elixir development , Model studies - documentation , Training , Tunicates
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