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Interview - Rune Paulsen from Seagarden
Interview - Rune Paulsen from Seagarden
In this interview Rune Paulsen, the CEO of Seagarden, explains how participating in AQUABIOPRO-FIT allows his company to better respond to the market’s demand for products that are nutritional and environmentally responsible. Seagarden is a privately-owned Norwegian company specialized in developing and producing marine ingredients.
What is your area of expertise?
Seagarden AS is one of the world’s major marine ingredients companies. We produce 100 % natural products using high quality raw marine materials from fisheries that can be used in savoury food products and nutritional applications. We offer more than 50 unique ingredients used in thousands of food products around the world.
What was it about AQUABIOPRO-FIT that triggered your interest?
Changing market demands always require us to find new sources of raw material, to develop new products and improve our technology. The AQUABIOPRO-FIT project’s main objective is to promote efficient utilization of European aquaculture, fisheries and agriculture side streams to be used for feed and nutritional supplements that promote fitness and health in humans. Therefore, the objectives of AQUABIOPRO-FIT are very in line with the interests of our company.
What impact will the results from the project bring?
The principle objective of the AQUABIOPRO-FIT project is to use fisheries and aquaculture side streams to create value results at an environmental, social, industrial and economic level. Reducing the production of waste is one of the most important environmental benefits that we would like to achieve. The need for protein in the world is increasing and this project helps us to find new ways to derive proteins for human use from what otherwise would have become waste. Additionally, we can improve personal health by supplying nutritional supplements thus providing the body with the missing ingredients to keep it in good physical and mental condition. Today people are more focused on nutritional products that can address the health problems, such as depression, anxiety, skin acne, and hair growth. The economic impact of the project is not only to create new products for the European market and subsequently new job positions, but also to increase European exports.
What are the main advantages of EU projects such as AQUABIOPRO-FIT?
Participating in a European project such as AQUABIOPRO-FIT is very rewarding for any company, self-employed person or institution. It is a project focused on the future that provides opportunities to collaborate with other participants within the AQUABIOPRO-FIT consortium, who are experienced in aquaculture, fish processing, product development and testing. Therefore, being a consortium partner allows Seagarden to solve the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities it offers. Additionally, the project results can strengthen the competitiveness of the participating enterprises in natural nutritional and health product sector. It will also assist Europe to further development of the circular economy.
The Consortium consists of 3 universities, 1 large company, 3 SMEs, 1 NGO and 4 research institutes from 7 European countries. Find out more about Seagarden and the other AQUABIOPRO-FIT project partners in the links below.
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